Tuesday, July 5, 2016

happy the Presidential race has setlled out so far to Hillary surviving

with Trump now the one in greater jeopardy.
With the clearance by the FBI, it seems the Clinton candidacy is once again viable and the Dems can plan on running her.
Meanwhile, there is still the dissension within the GOP ranks, so that Trump has a ways to go in getting full support from his fellow Republicans.

Can Hillary overcome the negatives due to the FBI spokesman's remarks today about "reckless" e-mail.

On another topic, I am currently working with two new updates for my website, maxstandridge.net
One is a pro-Bush item, regarding another way in which a radio ad might have appeared only one or two or three times, at a station or stations. This has to do with an article appearing some years ago in Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. The article discusses an event in which filler was used to produce a bizarre and controversial item in a publication.

A similar phenomenon could have occurred in an on-air situation at the radio station(s) in question.

On the other hand, an "anti-Bush" aspect of at least the Guam water-landing might have to do with the interesting, coincidental timing of the "orbit" maneuvers of Bush and the Japanese naval and land-based aircraft during the Battle of the Philippines Sea. The fact two occurred so closely in time could be a signal that something had been communicated ahead of the event pertaining to a "signal" from or about Dulles's prearranged courier at the time of that battle. Bush orbited his carrier, and didn't land on it again, at the same time the Japanese were orbiting the Marianas in their aircraft.

There are several interesting aspects of this.