Tuesday, July 5, 2016

happy the Presidential race has setlled out so far to Hillary surviving

with Trump now the one in greater jeopardy.
With the clearance by the FBI, it seems the Clinton candidacy is once again viable and the Dems can plan on running her.
Meanwhile, there is still the dissension within the GOP ranks, so that Trump has a ways to go in getting full support from his fellow Republicans.

Can Hillary overcome the negatives due to the FBI spokesman's remarks today about "reckless" e-mail.

On another topic, I am currently working with two new updates for my website, maxstandridge.net
One is a pro-Bush item, regarding another way in which a radio ad might have appeared only one or two or three times, at a station or stations. This has to do with an article appearing some years ago in Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. The article discusses an event in which filler was used to produce a bizarre and controversial item in a publication.

A similar phenomenon could have occurred in an on-air situation at the radio station(s) in question.

On the other hand, an "anti-Bush" aspect of at least the Guam water-landing might have to do with the interesting, coincidental timing of the "orbit" maneuvers of Bush and the Japanese naval and land-based aircraft during the Battle of the Philippines Sea. The fact two occurred so closely in time could be a signal that something had been communicated ahead of the event pertaining to a "signal" from or about Dulles's prearranged courier at the time of that battle. Bush orbited his carrier, and didn't land on it again, at the same time the Japanese were orbiting the Marianas in their aircraft.

There are several interesting aspects of this.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Triple Jeopardy for America?

My concern at this point in time, is coming from three directions:
we are approaching an election in which two sizable third party turnouts may occur.
On the Right, or Center-Right, appears to be the Libertarian Party. Pulling more GOP voters than usual by having moderate candidates, they could cost Trump some Electoral votes, if certain key events which will be postulated below, DON'T happen.
On the Left, is the Green Party, as well as the various Socialist Parties around the nation. These are probably going to have a big turnout this year, as well, with another, similar potential impact on the Democrats that the Libertarians may have on the GOP.

At the supposed Center, we have two candidates:

Hillary Clinton, the supposed presumptive nominee at this point. On National Security issues, she is perceived as strong, but on economic issues she has embarrassingly weak polling among those who place economic issues at the top of their agenda at this point, especially young people, and, most embarrassing of all, perhaps, among young white women. She also seems inordinately secretive at this point, even after several months of opportunity, of reveal what she said in various meetings and speeches before, various corporate groups. This latter could probably be exaggerated, since speeches before groups, even corporate groups, are frequently funded by individual donations that are pooled to appear to be one larger one. But it is still something to make one pause.

Donald Trump, the apparent GOP nominee, assuming he's going to pass muster legally. His controversial and contradictory "positions" and lack of a structure policy position on many issues, has left many people who genuinely want a GOP victory, groping to find a reason to support him. He seems able to command a dedicated cadre, but, like Sanders supporters, these people are not strongly associated with either major party and often show no real commitment, or even interest, in the two major parties.

But the biggest concern, aside from these essentially popularity issues, is what has just been being mentioned: where do EITHER of these folks stand, legally, at this point.

Will Hillary end up being indicted by a hostile Congress which would do anything to bring her down, even if normal channels might not? She remains somewhat closed about both her potential ethical problems vis a vis some larger corporations, as well as the issue of her possibly National Security related e-mail issues.

As tor Trump,  he is currently embroiled rhetorically with a judge who actively investigating, and must make a ruling on, his business dealings at the controversial "Trump University." Whether there is merit to the case against him on that issue, he has raised a new level of difficulty for himself by putting into the picture, by his own actions and words, the possibility of a Contempt of Court issuance against him by the said judge in the case.

Should the latter happen, Trump would be either a flawed candidate, or, if successful, an Impeached President.

With those daunting prospects hanging out in front of them, is it any wonder some Democrats and Republicans who are concerned about the well-being of their respective Parties, are wondering just what they are getting themselves into if these are, in fact, the nominees?

But there is yet another--at third-- daunting daunting prospect hanging, at least, the Democrats:
What is it becomes impossible to run Hillary by the time of the convention, and Sanders is therefore able to secure the nomination, through some process or other?

Then, we are only one serious and significant terrorist attack away from a possible Trump Presidency.

So, let's look at all three of these things. Recent ISIS internet and media traffic is calling for massive levels of terror attacks internationally, on a scale they have only recently begun to assert. This is probably in the wake of some fairly significant geographic losses and the consequent potential embarrassment for their cause. By bringing off a series of minor, or one or two major, terror attacks here in the States and Europe, they could actually impact our Presidential election, with Sanders perceived as weak in the whole area of national defense among voters who are so far only "registered" and not "likely" in the current contests.

Meanwhile, Sanders at the helm of the Democrats going into the election after this, the Dems go down to defeat. Hillary appears to be indicted for her e-mail offenses.

Meanwhile, our new President, Donald Trump, is cited for Contempt of Court, which is at minimum a Misdemeanor. He must, then, stand for Impeachment.

Holy Smokes, folks.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

We've got a real situation going on, heading into November 2016

And it seems to be uncharted ground in many ways. Mom, meantime, is still hanging on and I am trying to do my best to concentrate on her care and emotional support.
I have new info. that I will be putting on my Site, and have shared part of it already on Facebook.
New details about the Pakistani and Saudi connections to bin Ladin, etc.
Meanwhile, it's back to my dear mom.