Monday, November 18, 2013

So, trying to change focus away from Bush in WW2, but new material

keeps turning up, each time I try to do so. First, I was going to let go of the whole thing, since my original sources seemed to have died.
Now, I've received some data indicating one or two may still be around.
Then, new data that Robert Maxwell may, indeed, have been murdered--and in a fashion fitting a rogue element at some intelligence agency.

Maxwell was a key suspect in the "book ad of 1980" that I experienced.

Also, the constant question: why were Bush's carrier's records kept classified until 1983, 20 years longer than almost any other US warship of WW2?

What would have made them so much more sensitive?

What were the vaults at Chi Chi Jima designed to do? What secrets did the Nazi expeditions into Tibet and nearby regions, produce in the way of new or ancient technologies or methodologies?

So many questions...the only thing besides some kind of illegal activity at least on Allen Dulles's part, that could explain this delay in the declassification of the Bush carrier's log, could be this about the ancient things out of Tibet...things the Axis could have accessed and used as a lever with Dulles, just as Dulles may have engaged in elaborate negotiations at a time when such were not authorized.

Doesn't make him a bad guy, necessarily--depending on the details. Was he suckered, or is intriguing data about magnetic and sound usage by ancients in Tibet something that relates to the Chi Chi Jima vaults and some destroyed or hidden methodologies out of ancient Tibet? Dulles was working primarily for private interests, including energy-oriented companies, rather than any government.

Such private entities could be the real agents keeping such data a secret, in order to utilize it themselves in the whole area of lifting, moving and manipulating heavy objects, and possibly as a source of energy. If so, that secret could not be accessed by investigating any government in the world.