Saturday, May 11, 2013

GHW Bush political/government history and election irregularities: a lot of coincidences

Over the years of my investigation of the Bush family shortly before, during and since WW2, I've put together a long series of what can only be described as...eerie coincidences.
1934-1941: Bush family associates plot the assassination of FDR. FDR is hated by all the upper crust families, including the Rockefellers, DuPonts, and Prescott Bush. Among other things, the Far Right in that period, is incensed at FDR's continued political success. His successive terms, become a thorn in the side of Prescott, and he instills this intense dislike/hatred into his sons, including GHW.  These families have little but contempt for the mass of people, and the Depression works quite well for them. (Those economic policies, coincidentally, are re-instituted decades later when GHW Bush is within a heartbeat of a White House, under Ronald Reagan, which is, at best, in chaos as to who speaks with the President. Donald Regan, for example, who served the Reagan Administration in two different Cabinet posts over those eight years, never once meets with his President. Meanwhile, the Iran/Contra hearings reveal what is perhaps the biggest scandal of the Reagan years--not the illegal sale of arms to Iran per se (though that was scandal enough) but the fact that all the decision-making was done in rooms of men that didn't include the President, but did include the Vice-President.)
1944-5: Prescott Bush's close associate, attorney and business partner, Allen Dulles, engages in numerous rogue operations at OSS--later CIA. He arranges to attempt numerous illegal negotiations with the Axis in behalf of Big Banks, Big Oil and other Big Money, including that of he and his brother John Foster, both of whom are to subsequently head State and CIA in the post-war years. During the summer of 1944, much is going on as the GOP, desperate to defeat FDR, attempts numerous activities to derail his foreign policy. Much murkiness as to the whereabouts of Bush associate and business partner James Forrestal, as to his whereabouts in the Pacific that summer. This, while GHW Bush is allegedly flying a plane in the Pacific for just ordinary reasons. In May, 1944, Big Money associates of Prescott Bush pressure FDR and Britain to resume oil and gasoline sales to Fascist Spain, from whence they have--and now do again--head directly to Nazi Germany: as this begins to hit, GHW Bush begins flying a warplane in the Pacific against the Nazi allied Japanese. Controversial records now are apparent in Bush's now-spotty war records, including June, 1944 near Guam, later in 1944 at the Peleliu and Palau campaigns, and in September (or October) 1944, near Chi Chi Jima. In May, 1944, also, Bush's original roommate disappears.In subsequent American Presidential election, we will see a pattern in which GHW Bush appears to "mimic" his perception of FDR as a multiple term illicit President. Becoming agent for a 49-state sweep in both 1972 and 1984, a defeat of an incumbent Southerner in 1980, and the Electoral-only victory of his son--coupled with the "funny looking" 2004 election results at both the Presidential and Senatorial levels. All, seem, in the context of a close examination of Bush family perceptions of FDR, a mimicking of his allegedly bogus success.
1960: JFK admin. announces that all US warship logs from WW2 will finally be de-classified.
Yet, somehow, in 1963, when Bush's carrier's log was supposed to be declassified, it, unlike most ships, escapes declassification. Its declassification was put off until 1983--20 years later.
Powerful evidence appears in Bush's records suggesting he is employed, not by the regular Navy during WW2, but as a reconaissance photographer for the OSS (later CIA). This appears to be the real beginning of Bush's CIA career.
 1963-69: having firmed up his established ties with the CIA, Bush begins an offer of clandestine "political support" for the Nixon Admin. He and his CIA buddies and cronies, having established a solid record of election-rigging overseas, now provide Nixon numerous tools with which to "pad" his already massive popularity. The first foot in the door of this rou te in the GOP, had been made by Bush's father, Prescott Bush as a Senator and close confidante to Eisenhower, who he "pads" for in the East during the 1952 and 1956 Presidential elections. GHW now expands Bush family political influence in Texas by doing a bit of in-state work for LBJ to help arrange a "padded" victory for him in 1964 against Goldwater, whose Jewish roots the Bushs have little sympathy with. Goldwater's hysterical views are already unpopular, but Bush adds to the mix with a few scattered voting machines in key states, manipulating the result in the Electoral College to be even more massive than it would already have been. This gets him in good with Big Oil once and for all.
1969-76: Even though Bush is neck deep in his own potential scandals, these remain unexposed as Nixon gets into hot water over his arrogant and over-confident handling of the Watergate burglary investigation. Bush, by escaping, unscathed, from that scandal, becomes one of the GOP's "bright spots". Nixon, having won a three-way race plurality, is then offered the opportunity for the "padded" Electoral victory in 1972 by the Bush/CIA crony group. Intervening in Democratic Party situations on numerous occasions, including the overlooking of a pre-incident police report on the shooter of George Wallace and the removal of a  road sign at Chappaquiddick, MA, Nixon's other operatives derail the Democrats' most powerful candidates. He then says "bring in Bush--he'll do anything for our cause" and proceeds to use his offer of a padded Electoral College to make himself appear politically invulnerable, hoping to thereby intimidate the Democrats as they investigate the by-then already exposed Watergate burglary and its direct ties to him.
1977-81: Having been unable  to save the Ford Administration from the post-Watergate scandal election defeat from his overseas post as Ambassador to China, Bush moves into position to use his CIA connections to defeat President Carter's re-election bid. As the Iran hostage crisis heats up, Bush meets with William Casey to arrange the "underground" meeting with Iranian and with Saddam Hussein of Iraq.
 Using Kissinger-esque "carrot and stick" methodology, in which they move the "dime" by pointing out that, if the hostages are released too soon, before their election victory, they will allow their "man" Saddam Hussein, (Bush family ties to whom go back to the April 1941 pro-Axis coup attempt of Saddam's uncle Khayrallah), to attack Iran with heavier weaponry. Saddam later blackmails the Bushs with this connection. They first abstain from taking him from power, instead giving him more of what he wants in his war with Iran --and then, initially, also preserving his reign even after defeating him in the First Gulf War. Ultimately, however, with repeated blackmail, they have to give up on further "appeasement" and Bush moves--as his father's associates before him during WW2 had moved--to eliminate Saddam, which he does through his son, W., after another rigged election in 2000. This has the multiple effects (just as it would have when attempted against Hitler), of putting investigators off the trail, eliminating the dictator's further blackmail potential, and destroying past evidence of big money having been made from the horrid actions of the dictator. Bush also plants George Will of ABC News in a strategic position to steal Carter's debate briefing books.
1981-1993: Bush, as technically the VP, acts immediately in January 1981 to have National Security Directives signed by Reagan to ensure he has unprecedented powers as a Vice-President at the National Security end. Having arranged Carter's defeat, partly via the "October Surprise" hostage deal and mostly through the newly-introduced "Sequoia" voting systems in numerous states, Bush is anxious to cover his remaining secrets from WW2 and distrusts Reagan. A Bush family associates shoots and disables Reagan, and gets Reagan out of the way of Bush's plans. However, a disputed National Security Directive--NSDD1--continues to stand out like a sore thumb, because there were two versions of it in Reagan's briefcase at the time of his shooting: one from Bush, one from Secretary of State Alexander Haig, relating to who has control of the "red phone" to the Kremlin in the short-run few minutes after the shooting and disabling of the President and before the swearing in of the Vice-President as President. Bush's Directive maintains that this power logistically goes to the Vice-President automatically, but Haig counters that the State Department holds such power because the usage of nuclear weapons impinges on treaty obligations. It's yet another interesting coincidence, that this Directive, like Bush's WW2 carrier log, remains Classified for an extraordinary period of time. 1984: Convenient deaths, such as that of Senator "Scoop" Jackson of an inexplicably unanticipated "heart attack" and the defeat of Conservative Independent Harry Byrd's successor in Virginia Senate race in a three-way race, allow Reagan to gain a razor thin majority in the Senate, precluding congressional investigation of the October Surprise. Meanwhile, Bush adds new "Sequoia" voting systems to numerous states, in order to pad the Electoral Majority for the Reagan/Bush ticket, which is already strongly "projected" victorious by the campaign plants at ABC News--who powerfully influence other networks-- during that time. In May 1984, going into the election, Bush also arranges to use the "Jew room" at NSA to wiretap virtually the entire American Jewish community--a strong bastion of Democratic Party voters and campaign workers. He does this via Britain's MI6, doing an intelligence "swap" in which the US wiretaps Britain's Jews, while Britain wiretaps America's. Bush then "swaps" with the Brits, getting useful and damaging political information to use against the Mondale campaign, on top of the strategic planting of operatives at the news desks of major media, most especially ABC News, which "project" that Reagan/Bush has won the election before polls have even opened-- much less closed-- in numerous states. Apparently there was also at least some effort at ABC at the vote tabulation level, to "pad" Reagan's margin in some states, as I have found data, just in Almanac political figures, which show exaggerated Reagan vote totals in Nevada (for example) where an ABC News tally gave Reagan, alone, nearly as many votes as were cast for all candidates put together in Nevada in 1984. In 1989, GOP political operatives admitted the use, in New Jersey, of "walking around money" paid to black ministers in return for not arranging rides for African-American workers to the polls. In 1989, too, news stories of a "flu out" among voters in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland during the '88 election--which helped ensure Bush's Electoral victory against Dukakis-- turned out to be similar in cause to the story that came out in 2004: that some voting machines, in key minority districts in those states, were locked away, causing long lines to the remaining few voting machines and booths still available in overwhelmingly Democratic precincts. In California, numerous voters complained that their voter registration cards were never activated, so that, when they went to the polls, though they had turned them in months before, they were told that their registrations were still "pending" and not yet usable, thus precluding them from voting. (I experienced this in Texas in 1980, while trying to vote for Liberal Republican/ Independent John Anderson.) At a crucial moment on election night, 1988, Vice-Presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen is handed a note, allegedly directly from Presidential candidate Dukakis, "informing" him that Dukakis plans to concede, but would he please "go first".  Bentsen goes on TV to concede, on the basis of this instruction. Later analysis reveals Bentsen's concession may have cost the Democrats key precincts in New Mexico, western Michigan, and even California, where crucial polling places were still open. Voters were also still in the long lines in PA, IL and MD mentioned above--as well as in long lines in hair close St. Louis, Missouri. These "glitches" cost the Democrats a potential Electoral vote total of over 189 Electoral votes, as compared to the 111 they were awarded. This note to Bentsen is later disavowed by Dukakis himself. Numerous interesting coincidences...all, suggestive of a Bush "padding" effort. This kind of data, also helps to explain the huge gaps in election results at the Presidential level, so often seen in US elections since WW2.
1993-2000: Losing the uncontrollable three way races of 1992 and 1996, the GOP again turns to its last leg strategies: gain as much control of the House as possible via gerrymandering districts and ensuring some majority there, followed by the generation of a massive scandal investigation provoking voter paranoia to win the Senate. Having done that, Clinton is virtually paralyzed in his attempts to investigate previous GOP scandals or even to get meaningful reforms passed. He finds he can build on his Southern base and his ties to the Conservative Independents to get some legislation passed, but much of it is not progressive in nature. Even so, it comes out that Reagan, in 1992, may have voted for Clinton due to his growing questions about the circumstances of the attempt on his life by a person seemingly tied to the Bush family. The attempt to impeach Clinton fails due to lack of evidence. Now, as the 2000 election loomed, it was the turn of his Vice-President, Albert Gore, Jr., former Senator from Tennessee, to stand against Bush's son, George W. Bush, former Gov. of TX.
2000-2007: Bush now arranges his connections in politics to facilitate his son's ascension to power. No longer faced with an uncontrollable three-way race, Bush is able to run his "Sequoia" machines in key western states again. In the meantime, he also uses a new system--computer rigging--to upset the election figures in the state of Florida, resulting in the infamous "Florida recounts." At first, the phenomenon appears confined to one or two counties, but the impact is statewide. However, the GOP-appointed majority on the United States Supreme Court intervenes to shut down the statewide recount then in progress, which appeared to be headed to giving the state to Gore. Without Florida, Gore loses the Electoral College, though he holds a 1/2 millions Popular vote lead.
2004: Having gained control, by one or two votes, of the tie Senate that came into being in 2000, through the conveniently coincidental deaths, first of Mel Carnahan, the Senate candidate from Missouri in 2001, then the Senate candidate from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone, in 2002, both from near identical events--plane crashes due to "wing icing," the GOP can preclude investigation of the massive Enron scandal that heavily implicates Bush.It then comes out that "wing icing" can be produced by the CIA--and had been--as a tool to eliminate problem people overseas. Interesting coincidence. Just as the Enron headlines are starting to hit, a terrorist attack on 9/11/2001 rallies the nation to Bush as Commander in Chief. Bush then uses the climate engendered to mount an invasion of Iraq to dethrone the inconvenient, blackmailing dictator there, trumping up "evidence" of nuclear weaponry that doesn't exist, to get Congressional approval of the military operation. This has all been reported elsewhere, but what hasn't been reported elsewhere, is the Bush/CIA election rigging campaign that was instigated upon W's ascension to the White House. Long, impossibly inconvenient voting lines are produced in Ohio and Colorado. In Ohio, locked up voting machines and, in Denver County, Colorado, convenient "power failures" at critical voting precincts in heavily minority areas, result in similar lines. Meanwhile, similar power failures occur in Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana, Pulaski County/Little Rock, Arkansas, and all over the state of New Mexico; they interfere with voting and, due to the absence of paper backup ballots, allow the rebooting of computers with the potential to produce a changed result or a padded GOP margin. A bogus "voter registration" drive in Democratic precincts in Nevada is actually run by GOP activists in the state. The registrations are destroyed and the voters disenfranchised at the polling places. The weird result is that Kerry, though supposedly trailing in the Popular vote, gets alarmingly close in the Electoral College in Ohio. Even with all the Bush activity, a CNN Exit poll is televised showing Kerry with a significant lead in Ohio. Kerry's lead is alleged to involve provisional ballots that had come into being in the aftermath of the 2000 election. As Kerry and the third parties attempted to get an examination of the results by the Ohio state government, a key figure, the Ohio Secretary of State, announced that there were about half as many provisionals as previous numbers suggested. The inexplicable phenomenon of the "inaccurate" exit polls was never answered scientifically. The only previous examples of such gaps between exit polling and actual results, had happened in third world nations overseas, when it was known the CIA (remember them?) had tampered with results to ensure victory for chosen candidates. As a Bob Dylan title of the '60s once presciently described, the CIA, through the Bushs and others, was "bringing it all back home". American election rigging seemed to have happened--finally, clearly, and, it appeared, demonstrably. Either that, or you have a lot of coincidences to explain.
Yet, the potential to investigate this scandal was precluded as several Democrats in the Senate, who had been seen as popular in statewide polling in several states, found themselves defeated, in the same climate of possibly rigged "Sequoia" voting machines and seemingly inexplicable gaps between poll numbers and election results.
In 2005, in the aftermath of the repeated election irregularities, thousands of ordinary Americans became involved with organizations such as "Black Box voting", to ensure that the states instituted reforms in the voting systems that included paper backup balloting. The seeming result, in 2006, was a victory for the Democrats in the House and Senate, resulting in Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress for the first time since 2001.
The Bush star "declined" with massive banking scandals and a resultant Wall Street crash. With their disappearance, elections began to look different: Democrats began to win again, in places they hadn't while the Bushs were active. Now, in the new generation, previous CIA operatives in US politics have also disappeared.
One coincidence, after another. Were the Bushs "marginally more popular with Hispanics" and does this explain their victories in Southwestern states and Florida, as the major media networks so often attempted to explain the phenomenon? If so, why is it in precisely those heavily Hispanic states that so many "power failures" occurred on election days, during the Bush election years?