Monday, April 29, 2013

The Bush family, the Bush elections, the Bush policies and economies-- and the Bush libraries

So now, every major media and political figure is trying to make nice with the Bush family.

And, one of the few members of the Bush consortium I have found non-controversial and admirable, former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush, has also pulled the family's hat out of the Presidential ring for 2016, apparently, by more or less pulling Jeb Bush out of it, as an adviser to her son.

Barbara was disparaged some over the years by those who saw her as unimaginative or uninquisitive, but I saw no indication she engaged in anything controversial or negative. Her active support of the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse was positive in many lives.

That pull-out of Jeb by his mother could be very good news for the Democrats. It tends to get the apparent Bush rigged election equipment and other chicanery borne of the family's long ties to CIA election rigging overseas, out of the picture for 2016, as well. That may mean those of us investigating ongoing manifestations of the CIA/Bush election rigging, may be able to rest easy for awhile, if, indeed, that dimension of Bush political activity hasn't evaporated in its effectiveness, anyway.

Simultaneously, the aging of GHW Bush and the long years intervening since WW2, combined with the length of time I put into the alleged "message to an Admiral" or "message to the Japanese" and the surrounding controversial WW2 activities by Bush family associate, the late Allen Dulles, has inclined me to re-focus my research into other areas.

At the same time, a monstrous new technology has cropped up and is rapidly--so very, very rapidly--becoming an overwhelming threat to our rights, privacy and--ironically, it will turn out--national security: DRONES. I am trying to realize that our government is contemplating the use of these devices in the surveillance of US citizens in the name of preventing terrorism.

The War on Terror has proven to be another step for Big Brother, a new set of powers for surveillance, incarceration, and ...murder of US citizens and others.

This increased power, comes on top of:
 the continuous increase in powers for the Executive branch as manifested in the War Powers Act;
 the increased power, through the Drug War legislation, for Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI and state and local police to do unannounced break-ins, without a search warrant, of suspected drug homes;
increasing authorizations of surveillance of US citizens without court orders, and, perhaps even more disturbing, without specific justifications;
newly authorized incarceration of non-US military persons in US military facilities--and this, without the option of Miranda Rights, presence of an attorney, or court authorization via a specific criminal charge;
the apprehension, detention, and incarceration--without a court order, search order, or arrest warrant-- of persons "suspected" of "terrorist" acts or connections.
And, now, comes this new "power" of this list of "powers" that are all highly-debatable, Constitutionally: the killing of United States citizens by armed, drone aircraft, without notice, without court order, without trial, and without specific charges.

The insufferable quality of this last, I fear, is something most Americans simply do not completely understand. I fear, too, that they may not see that this is only the last in this long list of Federal usurpation, especially at the Executive level, of powers from the other branches of the Federal government, and from the State and local governments.

This, like the story of election rigging related to the Bush family--a story that goes back to the first advent of GHW Bush as CIA Director and even adviser to Nixon--seems about to be "missed" by the Main Stream Media.

 It is a story fraught with import, heavy in its risks to the general public, and still largely ignored by the major television networks and even the print media.

It is as if the media wishes to set it aside for more important things.

I have to say this to my fellows in journalism, at these places, now, before it is TOO LATE: THERE IS NO MORE IMPORTANT STORY THAN THIS. THERE IS NO SCANDAL WORSE THAN THIS.

As we watch news of how drones have killed foreigners and saved the lives of US pilots in manned aircraft who would otherwise have been assigned to these tasks, we fail to get the true import.
These craft are also murdering United States citizens WITHOUT TRIAL. This, again, is on top of the infamous "rendition" policy of apprehension, incarceration, and even torture of persons not strongly associated with anything except suspicion of terrorism, WITHOUT TRIAL.

The break-ins of US homes WITHOUT SEARCH WARRANT OR NOTICE, is in the name of Drug War. Yet, who sounds more drug-struck, the pot smoker or the fanatic who suspends the Constitution?

The previous Federal interventions against state and local governments, had also had one good face after another, including civil rights, Affirmative Action on minority rights, and the  lengths of state election recounts. All this had been done, over several years, to ensure that the good thing triumphs through Federal intervention over unenlightened state and local governments and corporations.

In the end, this rather horrifying use of drones to kill US citizens without trial, coupled with surveillance without notice or court order, and the power to detain and imprison US citizens without trial, is only the last in this long series of Federal interventions.

Here's the kicker: we can argue that all these previous incursions worked, since they ended up not eroding Constitutional rights. They helped us (didn't they) apprehend terrorists (did they?). They helped us end illegal drug use (did they? Drug use stats seem to have skyrocketed.) They helped us kill terrorists overseas (did they: recall all those body bags that were brought in by US forces in South Vietnam, containing alleged "Viet Cong", and only later determined to be, often, just ordinary citizens gunned down in cold blood to fill the body count?)

Because the built-in weakness of ALL these "without trial" methodologies, is that you really DON'T KNOW if THAT is what you accomplish, because the BEST method that has ever been devised to deal with determining whether you got the job done, by getting the RIGHT person, is PRECLUDED by these methods: the TRIAL.

Having already killed persons, the Government comes forward and says, "they were terrorists." How do we know, if there was no TRIAL?

NOW do you begin to grasp why some people, on both the Left and the Right, are starting to talk about Big Brother? IF they come and kill you, tomorrow, with one or these drones, what are they going to be able to say about you?